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Salt Water Pool Installation in Aurora


If you’re contemplating a installing saltwater pool in Aurora, either as a new construction or by converting your current pool, you likely have numerous questions. You might be aware that saltwater pools offer financial and ecological advantages, however you might have several other questions about the impact salt water may have on the pool such as rust or whether a saltwater pool is easier to maintain.

One of the most common questions that people ask is whether saltwater pools freeze. The answer is yes, saltwater pools are susceptible to freezing if left full during the winter. However, their salt levels are lower than the ocean water, and their freezing point is slightly lower than that of traditional pools. Nevertheless, you still need to close or winterize your saltwater pool.

Is a filter required for a saltwater tank?

Absolutely. A filtration system is essential for a saltwater tank, and it functions similarly to a conventional system. The only notable distinction is the insertion of a salt cell, which is positioned between the pool and the filter.

Do saltwater pools contain chlorine?

When it comes to purifying water in a saltwater pool, there is a common misconception that chlorine is not involved. However, this is incorrect as chlorine is indeed used in the process. The main difference is that instead of adding chlorine tablets, the chlorine is produced on-site. As a result, the levels of chlorine in a saltwater pool are lower and remain consistent rather than fluctuating. Nevertheless, flushing of the pool using higher chlorine levels may still be necessary.

Does a saltwater pool still have a chlorine smell?

If you’re wondering whether a saltwater pool in Aurora still has a chlorine smell, the answer is no. If there is a noticeable chlorine odor, it means there is an imbalance in the pool. However, individuals with a highly sensitive sense of smell may still detect it. One of the main benefits of a saltwater pool is avoiding the strong chlorine scent associated with traditional pools. As for safety, even though saltwater systems use less chlorine, they still effectively kill germs and keep the pool clean. Traditional chlorination systems are often overkill, and the main difference between the two is the delivery system for the chlorine. Additionally, there is enough chlorine in the saltwater system to eliminate algae.
Does a saltwater pool have benefits over a traditional pool?
The primary benefit of a saltwater pool construction in Aurora is that it lowers the amount of chlorine you are exposed to, which in turn prevents the negative effects associated with excessive chlorine exposure, such as eye irritation. This is particularly crucial for young swimmers who may be discouraged from learning to swim due to discomfort caused by chlorine. Additionally, a saltwater pool is gentler on swimsuits. In summary, a saltwater pool is a safer and healthier option compared to traditional chlorine pools.

Do Aurora saltwater pools require no maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, saltwater pools do require maintenance, although significantly less than traditional chlorine pools. Winterizing and opening the pool during the season are necessary, along with regular pH and free chlorine level testing every week, salt level testing every month, and salt cell inspection every three months. Despite being superior to traditional pools, it is important to understand the differences and avoid believing myths. Whether building or converting to a saltwater pool, all necessary components are available, including sacrificial anodes, salt cells, and both above ground and inground saltwater compatible pools.
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