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Swimming Pool Shapes & Design Options for Swimming Pool Construction

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Selecting the appropriate shape for your swimming pool is a crucial aspect of its design. It’s beneficial to be familiar with both popular and traditional pool shapes to make an informed decision. After determining the size limitations of your pool, you’ll discover that almost any design can be accommodated.

Some shapes are more suitable for blending with the surrounding landscape or structures. If a pool is situated near the house, it should enhance the home’s architectural style. Pools in these scenarios typically feature more formal lines, such as rectangular or oval shapes that align with the house’s outline. On the other hand, pools positioned further away in the yard can adopt a freeform shape that appears more organic and integrates with the landscape.

The following are prevalent pool shapes:

Rectangular Shaped Swimming Pool Construction in Maple

Pools with geometric shapes are usually characterized by a more structured appearance. The linear borders of these pool forms contribute to their sophisticated style. In the early stages of pool development, the rectangular shape was prevalent. Its elongated, straight, and slim structure is perfect for swimming laps. A popular variation that softens the formal aspect is a rectangular pool with curved corners.

Unrestricted Swimming Pool Construction

An unrestricted pool possesses the ability to adopt nearly any curvilinear form (excluding circles or other curved geometric designs). Frequently, a kidney-shaped pool is deemed unrestricted. Nevertheless, the kidney form has grown more conventional throughout time. A genuinely unrestricted layout does not conform to any standard pool design templates. It is generally crafted to emulate natural elements or harmonize with the environment. Moreover, it is favored for integrating landscape features, like incorporating alcoves within the pool space for palm trees or bushes.

Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool Construction Maple

Resembling an elongated oval featuring a recess on one side, this kidney-like pool is a favorite option as it fits well in almost any backyard size. Lacking the sharp edges of a geometric-style pool, the kidney form appears more organic. Furthermore, it offers a natural arrangement for a shallow and a deep section for swimmers. To enhance the kidney-inspired design, some property owners position a hot tub within the indented zone or adorn it with bushes and foliage.

Figure-8 Swimming Pool Construction, Maple

Pools shaped like a figure-8 are ideal for families or individuals seeking a versatile swimming space suitable for numerous activities. The two ends of the figure-8 pool don’t have to be identical in size. This design offers a clear distinction between the shallow and deep sections, making it perfect for families with young kids who can safely play in the shallow part while being aware of the deep section’s beginning. Additionally, the curved edges on each side of the figure-8 create perfect spots for planting shrubs.

L-Shaped Swimming Pool Construction in Maple

The L-shaped swimming pool serves as an evolved version of the conventional rectangular pool. This pool design is ideal for individuals who enjoy working out or practicing by swimming lengths, while also offering a reduced-depth section for novice swimmers.

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